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Every individual has the capacity to lead a healthy, happy, productive life, to enjoy life,

to develop in physical health, relationships, education and career.

However, in this development process, people have their own unique beliefs, values, experiences, perceptions and blind spots that can support their goals or create obstacles in front of their goals.


In addition, today, humanity has to keep up with a world that is changing faster than ever before in history. There is a growing need for individuals to work with an expert who can advance them faster and create more consistent and reliable results.

Where you are right now is unique to you. Likewise, where you are trying to reach is unique to you. So, the process of moving from one to the other should be unique to you as well. When you get to know yourself and your needs as a whole, happiness and success naturally progress and find their own way.


GroWithin works by improving your awareness, thinking and action skills to create better results in less time in all areas of your life.


Sometimes you don't know exactly what you need to move forward and this need is shaped in the counselling process. Sometimes you may be in a transitional stage, with the intention of changing certain things in your life. Or you just intend to take a break and appreciate what you have created, achieved, released or experienced and decide what you want to experience next.

With GroWithin, it is possible to explore both your inner and outer world, to increase your self-awareness and to gain clarity, and then to take action by focusing on your unique and special competencies, experiences and potentials.


The counselling process at GroWithin is collaborative, always acknowledging the fact that clients have innate wisdom.

It supports the emotional, logical, relational and creative sides of the clients.


It offers clients the opportunity to rediscover themselves, to learn from the past, and to reflect on what they truly want going forward.


It creates space for clients to think about what is important to them in their life, what makes them happy, what isn't working, and an effective change strategy.

GroWithin incorporates the professional behaviours and practices required by the British Sociological Association (BSA) and the Career Development Institute (CDI) Code of Ethics, of which the founder Dr. Seda Akçakoca is a member, into all processes, and adheres to professional standards of conduct. In addition, the principles of professional coaching programs of Erickson and Adler schools accredited by the International Coaching Federation and the ICF Basic Competence Model updated by the federation are also included in the processes.


The principles of accessibility, confidentiality, equality, impartiality, transparency and reliability are actively adopted throughout the entire process, starting with the discovery meeting.


During the counselling process, direct communication is made with the clients through a mobile application that technically makes it possible to apply these principles. With end-to-end encryption via the HIPAA* compliant mobile application brought by the new generation counselling approach, groWithin provides securely online chat with clients, ease of sharing documents and science-based special exercises and activities with clients without the hassle of sending and returning by e-mail, and uses all opportunities such as many more entertaining, instructive, educational materials.

*HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996. It is a United States federal law that protects patients' privacy and health records.



A client-centred and holistic approach is fundamental at GroWithin. Mental, emotional, physical, occupational, cultural and social factors that affect the lives and well-being of individuals are taken into account.

While doing this, a scientific-based, evidence-based and solution-oriented attitude is displayed by using various methodological methods and tools.

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