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Our paths crossed with Seda at a difficult time in my life. Fortunately, they intersected… After our
meetings, everything became clearer for me, enabling me to continue my life journey more
comfortably. The uniqueness of Seda as a consultant is that by asking you spot-on questions, she
effortlessly enables you to find the right answer by yourself and create awareness in you. Maybe
you know some of these things before, but Seda reflects them objectively with her own skills and
different techniques she uses, making them more visible for you. With the inventory she applies
and the way she takes you along with it, you start looking at yourself from a point that you have
never looked at before. In our second session with Seda, she used a different tool. Although it
was a psychologically draining topic for me, I felt very relieved at the end. Yes, maybe not every
problem in life can be solved, but the important thing here is to change your perspective on your
problems and decrease the severity of your exposure to them. As you progress through the
sessions, you realize that you have progressed without even recognizing it.

Economist, 40 years old

We received a session from Seda regarding my daughter's professional orientation. She had a separate meeting with my daughter first and then another separate parent meeting with me. After their session with Seda, my daughter became much more motivated. We received our sessions at the beginning of the second semester, and we had a very different second semester than the first semester. My daughter would sometimes cry until the morning because of her anxiety. After the session, she took on a personality that was self-confident and goal-oriented,
and she started to take her courses more seriously. The counseling we received from Seda for my daughter’s professional orientation also contributed positively to our family relations. My daughter was extremely introverted and she distanced herself from me. After the meeting with Seda, she opened up to me, poured out her heart, and shared with me the points that bothered her in our relationship. Likewise, my daughter, who was also shy towards her father, started to express her views to her father after the meeting. The session with Seda brought us to ourselves as parents; it made us understand our daughter better. After the session, my husband and I,
together with our daughter, took on a different personality and became more intertwined, and our bonds became stronger. It was as if we were not able to share the same environment as a family before. While we used to find ourselves in separate rooms, we now spend peaceful time together as a family. During the post-counseling period (4 months), I learned how to express myself and how to treat my husband and child in the right way. While there were times when I couldn't sleep for three days in a row, thanks to our improved communication as a family, the problems lessened and nowadays we are able to solve the problems together. We have had the
chance to spend quality time together and I am now a very happy mother and wife.

Student's Parent, 42 years old

I received counseling from Dr. Seda in order to understand the most suitable professions for my personality. Before counseling, I was only thinking about becoming a dietitian and I believed that only that profession would be suitable for me. After the session, I became sure of my numerical preference and started to turn to professions that I had never thought of. For example, I am currently collecting information about chemistry and environmental engineering and it felt so good to see that I could be successful in other fields as well. Also, thanks to Dr. Seda, I realized
my uniqueness. I can now express myself more comfortably than ever before in school and in the environment of friends, and I am not afraid of it. This is also noticed and praised by my friends and teachers.

Student, 16 years old

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